Dad astonished to discover 10ft boa constrictor snake slithering outside his home

A dad was astonished to discover a 10ft boa constrictor slithering outside his home.

Ian Faulkner was in the garden and spotted the reptile amongst a pile of fire wood.

The snake’s tongue flicked out causing the 54-year-old father to freeze, worried if it was poisonous.

Ian from Axbridge, Somerset said: “I’m not a great fan of snakes so to be confronted with a beast the size of this first thing in the morning was a bit worrying, to say the least.

“I called my son, Reece, and told him he’d better get down here pretty quick but there was no way I was going to handle the snake.

“I’ve seen pythons and boa constrictors on the TV but that’s about as close as I thought I would get to one,” he told The Sun.

“I knew that they could kill by wrapping themselves around their prey and squeezing the life out of them before swallowing them whole – perhaps I was just too big for this one.”

Ian thought the snake looked extremely well fed and reckoned it was someone’s pet that had escaped from the community.

Usually, Ian would be using his garden on a day off and has a space above a kids’ playhouse to store his kindling.

He was on the verge of adding another log when he spotted the snake head moving and its tongue sticking out.

Ian said it could have been a worrying incident when he saw the large reptile.

And he did a double-take when he first spotted it and thought he was seeing things.

The dad’s neighbour who is familiar with snakes rescue the animal and stored it in a reptile tank.

It was taken to the RSPCA centre at Brent Knoll, Somerset.

The Mirror reported on Thursday how an escaped 18ft-long python tried to get into a house through an open bedroom window.

The “very dangerous” 38kg snake was spotted by neighbours as it slithered across a roof before forcing its way through the upstairs window.

Worried residents inside managed to use a broom handle to fight off the albino Burmese Python, poking it back out before it fell 20ft onto the bonnet of a car below, landing with an “almighty thud”.

A neighbour then looked after the huge serpent in her conservatory until it woke up.

The shocking episode unfolded in the early hours at a row of terrace houses in Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton, Hampshire.

Jenny Warwick, 62, first noticed the enormous snake making its way across the roof of the houses opposite at around 5.30am.

She said: “I saw something on the roof and thought it must be a plastic tube, but then its head started moving,” she said.

“I told my husband, Steven, but he said ‘don’t be silly’.

“I have a dog called Rodney, and he was really barking and going mad.

“I asked a neighbour outside if they could see something on the roof because I didn’t have my glasses and I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things.

“We realised that it was definitely a snake and it was moving all over the roof trying to find a way to get down.”