Mum ‘annoyed’ as neighbour’s bad parking means she can’t get her car in her space

Roadside parking can be a real pain when you and your neighbours have to fight for the spaces outside your properties, and you may find that the people who come home last have to park in a different street to the one they live on. But one mum has been left especially frustrated by her neighbour’s parking, because they take up more space than they actually need, meaning there isn’t enough room for her to get her own car in.

The woman explained her neighbour started parking their car directly outside their house as it means the vehicle is in full view of their CCTV, so they can make sure nothing happens to it. But the mum insists that if they moved it forward just a little, there would be enough space for her to park behind them – instead of leaving a gap in the road that isn’t quite big enough for another car.

In a post on Mumsnet, she claimed: “Am I being unreasonable to be annoyed by my neighbour’s parking? They park right on the corner because it means the car is in full view of their CCTV.

“If they moved further forward I would be able to park my car in front of the house, but as they insist on it being in view of their CCTV I don’t have the room and often have to park on the next street because the road is very bad for parking.

“I often have to struggle back with my toddler daughter and shopping bags!”

The mum clarified in a second post that the neighbour on the other side of her is often also parked when she comes home, and the space that’s left by the vehicles isn’t big enough for her to fit in – but there would be ample room if the first car moved forward a little.

She added: “I should add my other next-door neighbour’s car is often parked up too. There is enough room for three cars to park sensibly. If the neighbour with CCTV parked further forward I would have enough room to park there too.

“There is often a gap between their car and my other neighbour’s but because their car is parked to be in view of CCTV, the gap isn’t big enough for me.”

Commenters on the post agreed that the parking situation seemed “annoying”, but some said there wasn’t much the mum could do, as the roadside parking is a free-for-all.

One person said: “Definitely annoying. I live in a busy street but all the neighbours are considerate with our parallel parking so we can all fit quite nicely. Of course, sometimes a spanner is thrown in the works but it is no big deal, we just park elsewhere. But regular inconsiderate parking is annoying.”

While another added: “Not unreasonable. I have a neighbour that always parks on the path despite having a two-car driveway and it drives me mad!”

But a third suggested just talking to her neighbour, as they wrote: “Sounds annoying but unfortunately they’re free to park where they want. Have you spoken to them about it?”