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My Village Life Review

My Village Life is an app developed by Papucs Games. My Village Life was first published on . My Village Life is available for Steam.

My Village Life is a open world village simulator vehicle driving game. Download My Vilage Life for PC complete missions, earn money, obtaine vehicles all around the map. You can chop wood and sale it on the wood delivery point for money. And from the money you can shopping. You can walk to the pub to drink some beer. Find granny and take her to the market for some rewards. You can pick up any item and take it with yourself. You can find in the game many little story line. The vehicles based on their real life speed. You can find some secret thing in the game. On the roads are some AI but you should be cautious with them.
If you bored of the story mode, try out the the My Village Life Multiplayer mode. Create a room for 2, 4 or 8 people and play with your friends. Jump in a car together and drive around the map, find all the easter eggs and find all the secrets. Or just grab a chainsaw, earn money together and drink it all in the pub. After you stumbled home you can go and make the drivers day horrible. Organize a car meeting or play roleplay with players.
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My Village Life

4.5 / 5

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Author: Papucs Games
Size: 3800 MB available space

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